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In 1983 a young team of tea experts with a passion for quality created a new brand of superior tea. Thus “Mlesna” was born. At “Mlesna” the ambition is not just selling packaged teas but giving consumers undisputed quality teas in beautiful packages. With less than 10 people the “Mlesna” team set about their work to create the best quality teas in the most selectively designed packages.
Sri Lanka Tea - Mlesna

Loose Leaf Black Tea

Regional Loose Leaf Black Tea

White Tea

Loose Leaf Green Tea

Loose Leaf Geeen and Black Tea in Triple Laminated Bags

Wooden Box - Loose Leaf Tea

Victorian Blend Tea

Foil Envelope 30 Tea Bags

Speciality Teas

Cloth Bag - Loose Leaf Tea

Loolecondera Tea

200g Loose Leaf Tea

To Gift and Serve