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High-grown, flowery Broken Orange Pekoe tea is processed with the natural extracts of different flavours to create this tea, which is available in 200g cartons. Flavoured Tea is suitable as an afternoon and evening beverage and can be consumed without milk. Flavours include Lemon, Soursop Peach Apricot, Strawberry, Jasmine and Blueberry.
Sri Lanka Tea - Mlesna Flavored Tea for Sale
Blueberry - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS201)

Soursop - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS202)

Jasmine - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS203)

Lemon - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS204)

Mlesna has been dedicated to bringing the world the most exclusive range of gourmet teas from Sri Lanka for over 2 decades. Mlesna brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation, whether it is in the form of gift and consumer tea packages or our delicious bulk tea.

Fresh ‘manufacture date’ teas shipped directly from Sri Lanka. All tea orders, FREE Shipping to any country worldwide.
Peach Apricot - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS205)

Sought after in over 50 countries and distinguished by the Ceylon symbol of quality, Mlesna is the standard for superior quality gourmet tea. Mlesna boast skilled tea tasters with over 25 years experience and blenders who constantly deliver quality excellence and the most imaginative flavor blends.
Enjoy the finest hand picked gourmet tea, either in loose leaf form, or as a tea bag. Beautifully packaged and infused with natural extracts of fruit, floral and exotic flavors our blends use only the best high grown Flowery Pekoe Tea. With a delicious and vast array of flavors, these teas offer the connoisseur a tantalizing experience.
Strawberry - Flavored Black Tea
200g Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS206)

Mix or Match
26 Boxes - 5.2kg Loose Leaf Tea
(Item: #MLS207B)

Bulk Buy - Mix or Match from any flavor available here. Total of 26 boxes. Sent via EMS. FREE shipping worldwide.
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