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Houses Dagur MS (Item: #IC13)
Iceland miniature sheet of Houses Dagur.

Islands MNH (Item: #IC14)
Iceland stamps of Islands. 2 MNH stamps.

Mushrooms MNH (Item: #IC15)
Yellow cracked boletus mushrooms & Sheathed woodtuft mushrooms. 2 MNH Iceland stamps.

Icelandic Legendary Animals (Item: #IC16)
Icelandic legends abound with tales of strange creatures on land, in air and sea. 2009 Iceland miniature sheet.

Europa 2005 MNH (Item: #IC17)
Iceland 2005 Europa stamps, 2 MNH.

Planet Earth MS (Item: #IC18)
The International Year of Planet Earth- is a 2008 international observance, declared by the 60th United Nations General Assembly. Iceland miniature sheet.

Seals MNH (Item: #IC19)
Habor seal is the most common seal species in Icelandic waters. They are found in coastal waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as those of the Baltic Sea. 2 MNH Iceland stamps.

Sheep Gathering MNH (Item: #IC20)
Icelandic sheep roam freely on extensive pastures during the summer. In spring and autumn they graze on cultivated land. In autumn the sheep are rounded up and herded back to sheep cotes to be sorted by their owners. 2 MNH Iceland stamps.

The International Polar Year MS (Item: #IC21)
2007 Iceland miniature sheet of 'The International Polar Year'.

Waterfalls MNH (Item: #IC22)
5 MNH Iceland waterfall stamps of 2006. A complete series.

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