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April 30th, 2012 Stamp Bulletin No. 791 Commemorative Issue
50th Anniversary of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts issued a new postage stamp with a value of Rs. 5.00 on 30th April 2012 to mark the 50th anniversary of The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation which was established in 1962 has remained in the public domain as a premier state venture for 50 long years rendering an invaluable service for the people of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation is in the forefront of state ventures which strive with a great sense of commitment to make the lives of Sri Lankans more secure with its vision "To make the customer the central figure in the petroleum and related industries and to make a significant contribution towards national prosperity by becoming the prominent industry in the region.

It is also in the process of taking a plethora of novel measures to build very strong and friendly relationships with its customers by getting out of the traditional public venture role. The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation celebrates its 50th anniversary in a grand scale with the stern determination to offer its customers a high quality service powered by the state of the art technology.

Looking back at its history, the 1960s can by viewed as a golden period. even though the demand for fuel at that time was very limited, it was catered to by monopoly of multi national companies such as 'such as "Shell' of Great Britain. However in the latter part of the 1960s a wave of "Peoplisation movements" were sweeping across the world which prompted the then Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the patriots in the calibre of T.B.Ilangaratne to set up 'Ceylong Petroleum Corporation', the first Sri Lankan Petroleum Company.

* Date of Issue : 30th April, 2012
* Denomination : Rs. 5.00
* Stamp Designer : Isuru Chathuranga
* FDC Designer : Isuru Chathuranga
* Stamp Size : 41mm * 30mm
* Format : Horizontal
* Printing Process : Offset Lithography
* Sheet Composition : 100 stamps per sheet
* Perforation : 13 3/4 * 14
* Printers : Department of Government Printing Sri Lanka
* Color : 4 Process Colors
* Paper : 102 gsm security stamp paper
* Gum : PVA
* Quantity Printed : 1,000,000
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