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October 28th, 2011 Stamp Bulletin No. 779 Commemorative Issue
Vintage & Classic Cars of Sri Lanka
It is expected that the aesthetic beauty of early cars will appeal to the established stamp collector, and even top others, diverting them to the hobby of stamp collecting. These stamps of 4 old motor cars, described briefly blow, are issued simultaneously with the Lanka Philex 2011 stamp exhibition. It is interesting to note that these cars are in good working condition, even now.

Austin 12 - 1928
The Austin 12 was Sir Herbert Austinís second model after the world War I. It had a 1861 cc four cylinder engine with four-speed manual transmission. It remained in production until 1939, enjoying success throughout and recording peak annual sales in 1927.

Rolls-Royce 20/25 - 1934
One of the last two designs by the celebrated engineer Sir Henry Royce, before he passed away in 1933, the Rolls-Royce 20/25 was introduced in 1929. It had a 3699 cc straight-6 cylinder and four-speed transmission with synchromesh on top two gears. Its gearbox came in one unit together with the engine. It could achieve 120 km/h. Production ended in 1936 with 3,827 units made.

Jaguar SS 100 - 1937
One of the most aesthetically appealing Jaguar cars, the SS 100 was introduced in 1936. It was designed by Sir William Lyons. It was a two-seater sports car with a 2663 cc straight-6 engine. Its four speed gearbox had synchromesh on top three gears. The SS 100 was capable of 153 km/h. A rare car with only 314 units ever built, including the 3485 cc version introduced in 1938. Production ended in 1940.

Morris Minor - 1949
Sir Alec Issigonisí revolutionary creation, Morris Minor was introduced in 1948. Compared to other cars of its time, the Morris Minor excelled as a roomy car with superior handling. In 1961 the Morris Minor became the first British car to sell over one million units. It had a 918 cc four-cylinder side valve engine. It had four speed manual transmission with synchromesh on top three gears. It could reach approximately 100 km/h.
* Date of Issue : 28th October, 2011
* Denomination : Rs. 5.00 * 4
* Stamp Designer : Amila Perera
* Stamp Size : 41mm * 30mm
* Format : Horizontal
* Printing Process : Offset Lithography
* Sheet Composition : 100 stamps per sheet
* Perforation : 14 * 13 1/4
* Printers : Department of Government Printing, Sri Lanka
* Color : Black & White
* Paper : 102 gsm security stamp paper
* Gum : PVA
* Quantity Printed : 500,000 * 4
* Last Date of Sale : 27th October, 2012

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